Solar Energy

Applied Cabling is an Electrical Contractor serving the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. We now offer Solar Energy system installation by partnering with the Energy Emporium in Enfield, New Hampshire (ReVision Energy).

If you need some advice related to helping  you form a plan to reduce your fossil fuel consumption then we can put you in touch with the right people.

The customers of Applied Cabling can now benefit from our collaborations for  design services.

Design services can include:

  • Site Review Visits
  • Energy Audits
  • Advice on Solar Energy Rebates and Tax Incentives
  • Support for Solar Energy Filing
  • Design Services
  • Installation Planning
  • Maintenance & Post Sales Support
  • Solar-PV-Roof-Mount

  • Solar-Installation-Panel-2

  • Solar-Installation-Panel-3

  • Solar-Installation-Panel

  • Solar-PV-Roof-Mount-1

This collaboration with the Energy Emporium (now ReVision Energy) is special in the Upper Valley and our customers can now enjoy the benefits of this collaboration.

Our customers include residential, commercial, industrial and even agriculture operations. We have installed numerous Solar Energy systems in the Upper Valley within a collaboration framework. We use the latest photovoltaic solar technologies. Our solar energy installations are designed to achieve the highest possible solar energy harvest. This is accomplished by using advanced technology system components and by engineering and installing a top quality, high efficiency solar energy electrical system.

Solar Energy Installation Services

Our solar energy systems are installed using the latest PV solar modules including high efficiency power inverters and a mounting system matched to your roof type or can be installed as a ground-mount system. The entire solar energy electrical system will be installed in accordance with the highest standards for safety, performance and reliability.